2020 Proof Silver Dollar – 75th Anniversary of V-E Day



May 8, 1945: After years of wartime sacrifices, the first opportunity to celebrate peace had finally come. News of the war’s end in Europe unleashed a wave of joy and relief that swept over both sides of the Atlantic, spilling into countries that Canada had helped liberate.

“What a celebration! People were cheering, some were standing numb, some were hugging, tears coming down their faces and people crying. The war was over!”
Clarence Mitchell, Royal Canadian Navy

Introducing the 2020 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (V-E) Day collection.

Our 2020 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (V-E) Day collection is the multi-part story of Canada in 1945—a story of wartime contributions and a peacetime legacy. It begins on the 2020 Proof Dollar, where the design strikes a balance between celebration and remembrance and sets the tone for coins to come. Our own past is present, with the 1945 Victory nickel serving as the inspiration for design elements that are the hallmarks of this collection—from the Victory privy mark to the holographic decal on each beauty box. This is our way of paying tribute to all who contributed to the fight for freedom, wherever Canada was needed.


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